Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation : BAGARAGAZA BONIFACE

-       Elaborate guidelines for Integrated Development Planning of the District and monitor compliance by various units;

-       Provide technical support in the elaboration of actionable strategies meant to localise national policies and implement the District Council’s decisions; 

-       Monitor the overall progress in the execution of the strategic plan, action plan and Imihigo and accordingly advise on necessary reviews and or end of programs;

-       Supervise the consolidation of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation reports emanating from various units and Sectors of the District;

-       Develop and operationalize strategies meant to strengthen relationships and ensure active participation of various local development stakeholders/partners  in the assessment of local priorities towards a responsive local planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;

-        Serve as a member of the District Technical Coordination Committee and advise the institution on matters pertaining to integrated planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


Planning & Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: SIMPENZWE THOMAS

-       Consolidate strategic planning documents emanating from different units and Sectors of the District;

-       Advise units and Sectors on the elaboration and or review of SMART indicators during the planning process and quality-check their use during the M&E;

-       Analyse activity implementation progress reports emanating from District Units and Sectors and advise the Director of Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation on necessary changes and/or review;

-       Monitor the implementation status of all stakeholders’ programs or projects running within the District and assess their contribution towards the achievement of District’s development objectives and targets.



-       Initiate and operationalize a quality system of aggregated and disaggregated quantitative data consolidation at the District level and ensure its regular update;

-       Participate in the design, roll out of surveys and/or census deemed necessary by the District;

-       Consolidate quantitative data on all activities performed by the District where applicable, and disseminate necessary sector-related statistics;

-       Timely avail data to support planning and decision-making processes at the District level and/or national level where applicable for purposes of evidence-based policy/decision making or public reference;

-       Check the compliance of the findings from quantitative or mixed studies/researches conducted in the District with standards set by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda;

-       Liaise with NISR to streamline the statistics produced by the District;

-       Work hand in hand with the District Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the elaboration and/or review of quantitative indicators related to sector/activity performance.